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Jan 11 2018

Rutger Bregman

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Journalist, Historian& Author

Rutger BregmanRutger Bregman is a journalist and one of Europe’s most prominent young thinkers. He has published four books on history, philosophy, and economics. His ‘History of Progress’ was awarded the Belgian Liberales prize for best nonfiction book. He has twice been nominated for the European Press Prize.

“The Dutch wunderkind of new ideas” – The Guardian

In detail

Who are the visionaries who drive human progress? The answer, as we all know, is the geeks, the free spirits and the crazy dreamers, who turn their noses up at authority. ‘Utopia for Realists’ originated on The Correspondent, an online journalism platform in Amsterdam that serves as an antidote to the daily news grind. The Correspondent got its start in the spring of 2013 with a record-breaking crowd funding campaign. Since then, members get to read and share quality pieces that provide context for interpreting other news stories and the world around us. Journalists in turn benefit from a ready network of member expertise.The stories emerging from this unique online collaboration are changing journalism.

What he offers you

Our day-to-day reality – life expectancy, health, wealth, and education were considered unrealistic and utopian in the eighteenth century. So, what’s next? Rutgerexplores how utopian ideals like a basic living income and a fifteen-hour work week could become a reality in our lifetime.

How he presents

Rutger’s transformational thinking bursts with hope and optimism, and will revolutionise your perspective on welfare, money, and society.

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In Favour of Basic Incomes

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Utopia for Realists: And How We Can Get There

Why Garbage Collectors Earn More than Bankers

The History of Progress

With What We Knew Then – Current Problems Through a Historical Lens)

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