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Jul 18 2014

Mehmet Nane

General Manager of CarrefourSA & Ex General Manager of TeknoSA

imageBorn in 1966, Mehmet T. Nane obtained his undergraduate degree in International Relations at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, in 1990 and his graduate degree in International Banking and Finance at University of Heriot Watt, Scotland in 1993 with UK Government’s FCO scholarship

In detail

After various managerial positions in Türkiye Emlak Bankası, Demirbank and Demir Invest, he joined Sabancı Holding within which he held roles including Vice President of the Strategic Planning and Project Development Department, Director of the Retail Group and General Secretary of Sabanci Holding.

What he offers you

Mehmet T. Nane held the position of General Manager at TeknoSA between April 2005 and June 2013. He previously served as Vice Chairman of the Teknosa Board of Directors between March 2000 (founding date) and April 2005. He has held the position of General Manager at CarrefourSA since July 25th 2013. During the transition period between 1st July-25th July 2013 he served as an advisor to the Executive Board.

How he presents

Currently he is the Chairman of AMPD (TCSR)-Trade Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers, Turkey and the Chairman of TOBB- Retailing Council of Turkish Union of Chamber of Commerce. He is also leading the Turkish British Fellowship Club’s Istanbul Branch and working as a mentor for UK government scholarship granted young graduates in Turkey. He is the Co-Chairman of Istanbul Shopping Fest Organization and Company and the Chairman of FAPRA-APRCE (Federation of Asia Pasific Retaillers Assiciation-Asia Pasific Retailers Convention and Exhibition). He was a member of World Retail Congress Advisory Board 2010. He participated Advanced Management Program 184 (AMP 184) at Harvard Business School between 1st April-24th May 2013.

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Jul 16 2014

Cüneyt Yavuz

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CEO of Mavi

Cüneyt YavuzCüneyt Yavuz is a graduate of Robert College and Bosphorus University, Political Sciences Department. He completed his MBA at John Hopkins University.

In detail

Yavuz started working at Procter&Gamble in 1992 and he carried out various managerial functions for Gillette, Duracell, Oral-B and Braun brands, for Turkey, the Balkans and Israel regions.

What he offers you

Since 2008, Yavuz has been working as the CEO of Mavi, which has more than 4000 sales points in 50 countries.

How he presents

Yavuz donates speaking fees to Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), one of the Turkey’s widespread youth non-governmental organization.

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Apr 30 2014

Pelin Batu

Actress, Television Personality, Historian

Pelin Batu speakerDue to her father İnal Batu’s occupation as a diplomat, she spent her childhood in many foreign countries including Pakistan, Czech Republic, France and the USA. She completed high school at Marymount School in New York and also pursued musical and theatre training at Mannes College of Music. After starting literature and philosophy at New York University, she switched her subject to history and completed it at Boğaziçi University. She made her film debut in Harem Suare in 1999 and has gone on to act with several more films and TV series.

Batu also hosted a show titled Tarihin Arka Odası (The Back Room of History) which aired on HaberTürk with Murat Bardakçı and Erhan Afyoncu. Interested in poetry from a young age, she has written, translated, and published many poems.
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Aug 05 2013

Şirin Pancaroğlu

Turkey’s Most Renowned Harpist, Founding President, Association of the Art of the Harp

Şirin Pancaroğlu SpeakerPraised by the Washington Post as a “major talent of international caliber”, for Şirin Pancaroğlu, discovering a variety of musical identities for the harp is a central endeavor. Trained as a classical musician, the leading harpist of Turkey is equally active in the realm of Turkish traditional music, improvisation, electronic music, tango and semi-staged performances as she is in mainstream harp repertoire to which she contributes with new works commissioned for her.

In detail

Recognized for her thorough interpretative skills and multifaceted personality, Şirin Pancaroğlu has been touring with four large collaborative projects since 2010, namely Elişi (Handcraft), Resonating Universes, Harmonies of Istanbul and Cafe Tango. Ever since her return to Istanbul in 2000, she has been in search of her roots, connecting them with sophisticated taste to her worldly ideas, a glimpse of which she promises to share in her concerts. Her work on unearthing the historical Turco-Ottoman harp called the “çeng”, as well traditional and contemporary Turkish music have earned her a unique place in the history of performers in Turkey. Born in 1968 in Ankara, Sirin completed the European part of her education at the Geneva Conservatory and subsequently received a Master’s degree from the Indiana University School of Music in USA.She has been a guest soloist at the Festival Printemps des Arts, Berlioz Festival, the Festival de la Harpe en Avesnois, the Chirens Chamber Music Festival, the Semaines Musicales de Villeveyrac and the Trièves Festival in France; the Imagine New Music Festival, the Millenium Stage, the Ebb and Flow Arts Festival in the USA, the Belgrade Harp Festival, the International Jerusalem Oud Festival, the Rio de Janeiro International Harp Festival, Seduced by the Harps Festival, Edinburgh International Harp Festival, the Festival de la Cuidad de Mexico and at all the major international festivals in Turkey.

Ms. Pancaroğlu is also credited for her remarkable efforts to introduce the harp to wider audiences in her native Turkey. Her work as the founder of the Association for the Art of the Harp which she established in 2007 took her into a journey of exploration in the field of non-governmental organizations in Turkey, working with official funds, forming alliances with various other organizations and professionals related to the art and business of music. Şirin Pancaroğlu led a career of academician for six years and has been working with children and adult beginners for many years. She is a published writer of articles on education and musical culture in reviews and newspapers and has been serving on the board of World Harp Congress since 2011.

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Aug 02 2013

Ali Poyrazoğlu

Author, writer and the producer of the first Turkish sitcom

Ali Poyrazoğlu Speaker Ali Poyrazoglu graduated from Istanbul State Conservatory Theatre Department. He then went to France and UK to make further studies in Theatre. Upon his return to Turkey, he began his acting career at the Istanbul City Theatres. After working in various theatres as an actor and writer, in 1972, he founded his own theatre, Ali Poyrazoglu Theatre, where he staged and directed many plays by famous Turkish and foreign writers. He starred in 64 films; translated 45 plays into Turkish, all of which were staged by various theatrical groups; wrote, directed and acted in numerous popular plays and TV & radio series, whose characters have become unforgettable for the Turkish community.

In detail

He produced the first Turkish sitcom, Ali Uyanik. He toured Greece, Germany, Switzerland and England where he performed his plays. He played one of the leads in a Broadway production Pera Palas with American actors and actresses. His articles are regularly published in various newspapers and journals.

Some of this shows at the theater are : Düşenin Dostu, Evet Evet Evet, Hakkımı Ver Hakkı, Kelebek, İpteki, Gözlerimi Kaparım Vazifemi Yaparım, Deliler Boşandı, Çılgınlar Kulübü, Orkestra, Oğlum Çiçek Açtı, Babam Dokuz Doğurdu, Uzakta Piyano Sesleri, Ali Harikalar Diyarında, Eski Çamlar Bardak Oldu, Kobay, Ödünç Yaşamlar and Havada Bulut .

Some of his movies are: Canavar Cafer, Namus Uğruna, Çılgın Kızlar, Asiye Nasıl Kurtulur, Arkadaşım Şeytan, 9 and O Şimdi Asker.

Some of his TV programs: Ali Uyanık, Darısı Başınıza, İnsanlık Hali, Kim Bunlar, Sünnet Holding and Aile Bağları .

His latest books are İçimdeki Yalnızlık and Bir Sen Kaldın Yalnızlık Gelince’.

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Jul 31 2013

Murat Belge

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Author, Professor of Literature

Murat Belge SpeakerMurat Belge was born in 1943 – Ankara. He graduated from the Istanbul University Faculty of Literature, dept of English language and literature (1966). He became an assistant and completed his PhD at the same university. In 1981 he left the university and established the publishing house called İletisim Yayınları. Currently he gives his lectures at Istanbul Bilgi Üniversity at the Comparative Literature Department. It provides a comprehensive education in Western literature and culture, including visual arts and music, history of philosophy, semiology and criticism theories. Contemporary Turkish and world literature are important components of the programme.

In detail

The programme is designed to introduce students to the visual arts, music, history and philosophy in conjunction with literature. The development of the novel, history of Western culture, mythology, methods of criticism, linguistics, history and literature, text analysis, translation and art appreciation are some of the courses offered in the first three years. The fourth year focuses mostly on the literature, art, philosophy and the intellectual culture of the twentieth century. Comparative Literature students are strongly encouraged to consult their advisors when selecting elective courses

What he offers you

He is known for his critical writings in Yeni Dergi, Papirüs, Halkın Dostları journals. Besides his writings he is also one of the best translators of Faulkner, James Joyce, Patrick White and Dickens. He was on the managing board of Monthly Socialist Culture Magazine called Birikim and Yeni Gündem magazine. He started cultural excursions in İstanbul under the name of Meet the Istanbul. His talks and speeches about Halic, Bosphorus and İstanbul’s others districts are gathered and published with the name of Istanbul Tour Guide. Currently He is columnist at one of the major newspapers of Turkey called Taraf.
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Jul 29 2013

Muhtar Kent

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CEO of The Coca-Cola Company

Muhtar Kent speakerMuhtar Kent holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the University of Hull in England and a Master of Science degree in Administrative Sciences from Cass Business School, City University London. He is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company, a position he has held since April 2009. Previously he was President and Chief Executive Officer and earlier, President and Chief Operating Officer.

In detail

Mr. Kent joined The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta in 1978, holding a variety of marketing and operations leadership positions over the course of his career. In 1985, he became General Manager of Coca-Cola Turkey and Central Asia. Beginning in 1989, he served as President of the Company’s East Central Europe Division and Senior Vice President of Coca-Cola International, with responsibility for 23 countries.

In 1995, Mr. Kent was named Managing Director of Coca-Cola Amatil-Europe, covering bottling operations in 12 countries. In 1999, he became President and CEO of the Efes Beverage Group, a diversified beverage company with Coca-Cola and beer operations across Southeast Europe, Turkey and Central Asia.

Mr. Kent returned to The Coca-Cola Company in 2005 as President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company’s North Asia, Eurasia and Middle East Group, an organization serving a broad and diverse region that included China, Japan and Russia. Less than a year later, he became President of Coca-Cola International, eading all of the Company’s operations outside North America.

Active in the global business community, Mr. Kent is Co-Chair of The Consumer Goods Forum, Chairman of the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum, a fellow of the Foreign Policy Association, a member of the Business Roundtable, a past Chairman of the U.S.-China Business Council and Chairman Emeritus of the U.S. ASEAN Business Council. He also is a member of the Eminent Persons Group for ASEAN, appointed by President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton. He serves on the boards of 3M, Special Olympics International, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Catalyst and Emory University.

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Jul 26 2013

Defne Samyeli

Journalist, Producer, Host

Defne Samyeli SpeakerDefne Samyeli is one of Turkey’s best known and top-rated media personalities and journalists. Having spent more than fifteen years hosting flagship news programs on Kanal D and Show TV, interviewing prime ministers and politicians of all stripes, she became a trusted source of news in Turkey. She is a gifted communicator, reknowned in Turkish television circles for not having to rely on scripts or teleprompters, speaking with precision, clarity and from the heart.

How she presents

Those are some of the reasons Ms. Samyeli was entrusted by the Turkish Football Federation to present, in Geneva, the country’s recent bid for the Euro 2016 Championships .

In detail

Defne Samyeli can provide expertise on a range of topics: communications; politics; journalism; leadership; physical and emotional wellness and, given her degree in Business Administration, the critical nexus that exists between commerce and communications.

Ms. Samyeli is Executive Board member of American Studies ,Bahcesehir University, member of KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey), member of Homeless Animals and Environmental Protection Society and Participant/activist for organizations to promote equal rights for women. She is a participant in SHOW TV project: ‘Yasasin Okulumuz’ to establish schools for underprivileged children. She has also lectured on ‘Media Practices’ at Bahçeşehir University’s journalism school ( 2009-2010).

Ms. Samyeli is currently founder & partner of television production company, Samyeli Production which provides all production services for news shows and segments for various media outlets in Turkey & abroad ,since 2008. She is Executive Editor of Milliyet TV.

She has a special interest in singing musical theatre, reading, and spending time with children and animals.

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Jul 24 2013

Ali Kırca

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Journalist & Anchorman & TV Producer & Writer

Ali Kırca SpeakerBorn in 1948 in Aksehir , Ali Kırca graduated from the Navy Military College. For a while he studied Medicine and Law at the University of Istanbul. In 1974 Ali Kırca began his career as a correspondent at TRT where he held various posts before becoming the Head of the News Department. He produced the programs “From Country and World” and “32. Day”. He hosted the ground-breaking program “Open Debate” for a year.

In detail

His last post at TRT was to be its Washington correspondent. He then moved to Interstar for whom he produced the TV show “40. Parallel” from Washington and New York. In 1993 Ali Kirca returned to Turkey to become the head of the News Department at ATV. On 31 January 1994 he began to present ATV News as the first “anchorman” in Turkey. On 6 February 1994 his program “Siyaset Meydanı” (Political Arena) became the first of its kind on Turkish TV channels. His articles were published in Yeni Yuzyil and Sabah newspapers.

As the Head of News Department at the Star channel, Ali Kirca presented the evening News, and hosted his show “Politics Forum” in 2001. After a brief spell at NTV in 2002 with the same show, Kirca returned to ATV and re-commenced writing for the newspaper “Sabah”. In addition to his music album of folk songs, Ali Kirca has also written many books and has been awarded various prizes, amongst which is a “Golden Rose Award”.

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Jul 22 2013

Cem M Kozlu

Business Leader, Consultant, Author

Cem M Kozlu SpeakerDr. Kozlu has been holding various positions in The Coca-Cola Company since 1996. He joined the company as Managing Director, Turkey, Caucasus and Central Asian Republics Operations, based in Istanbul. In 2000, Mr. Kozlu moved to Vienna to become President of The Company’s Central Europe & Eurasia Group. His responsibilities were expanded to include the Middle East in March 2001 through 2006. Since then, Mr. Kozlu has been serving as Consultant to Coca-Cola Eurasia&Africa Group.

Before joining The Coca-Cola Company, Dr. Kozlu served as a Member of Parliament in the Turkish Grand National Assembly (1991-1995) and headed Turkish Airlines as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (1988-1991) and as Chairman (1997-2003). He served as President to Association of European Airlines in 1990.

In detail

In his earlier professional life, Dr. Kozlu served as Managing Director of Komili Holding A.S. (1985-1988), Managing Director of Komili Marketing & Foreign Trade Co. (1976-1985), Marketing Manager of Procter & Gamble in Geneva, Switzerland (1973-1976) and Marketing Specialist in the National Cash Register Co. in Granville, Ohio (1971 -1973).

Engaging in teaching assignments at Bosphorus University in İstanbul as well as Denison University in Ohio, U.S.A. Dr. Kozlu has also published eight books on business and economics, including a college textbook on International Marketing.

He holds a B.A. from Denison University, an MBA from Stanford University, a Ph.D in Administrative Sciences from the Bosphorus University, as well as an honorary doctorate from Denison University.

Dr. Kozlu is currently the Chairman of Noktacom Media and Internet Sevices Co. in Ankara and Evyap Asia, based in Singapore. He also serves on the boards of the following Istanbul based organizations: Coca-Cola Satış ve Dağıtım A.Ş..; Anadolu Industry Holding; Efes Brewery and Malt Industry; The Marmara Hotels&Residences, and Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK). He serves as a consultant to Do&Co Restaurants&Catering Co. and TAV Airports Holding.

He is a trustee of the following institutions: Anadolu-Johns Hopkins Health Center and Istanbul Modern Arts Foundation.

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