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Nov 22 2017

Alex MacPhail

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Performance Coach

Alex MacPhailAlex MacPhail is a highly successful corporate coach who has presented to audiences of up to 5,000 all over the world. A former broker in the City of London, Alex now works exclusively as a coach to major corporations around the globe.

Attitudinal, behavioural training

In detail

Alex specialises in providing clients with the necessary tools for personal and corporate development, his deep and valuable insights empowering audiences world-wide.For Alex, financial success came early in his career first as a city broker and then through his own direct sales business which yielded an annual turnover in excess of £10 million. Although the financial rewards were high, Alex soon felt that the personal rewards were not as satisfying as he had anticipated.In search of something more fulfilling, Alex discovered the need for quality attitudinal coaching within the commercial sector. Working closely with many of the world’s leading business authorities, he helped to establish his own corporate coaching company.

What he offers you

Alex MacPhail is a passionate and compelling motivational speaker. His great expertise is empowering large audiences to master their motivation – allowing them to achieve their full potential, both on the day of the conference and long into the future.

How he presents

Alex truly ‘walks his talk’, presenting in an engaging, enthusiastic and charismatic manner, Alex has gained a reputation as a phenomenal presenter. He is a highly interactive speaker, keen to encourage and indeed, empower his audiences to break through to peak performance.

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Attitudinal Learning

Personal Motivation



Coaching For Peak Performance

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