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Jul 31 2017

Jamie Bartlett

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Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos

Jamie BartlettJamie Bartlett is the author of ‘The Dark Net’, an examination of the hidden corners of the internet, its strange subcultures, and the protagonists that inhabit it – from trolls, Bitcoin miners, political extremists and members of the hacktivist group Anonymous, computer scientists and neo-Nazis.

“A lot of people say extreme, offensive, threatening stuff online. A tiny slither really mean it” Jamie Bartlett

In detail

As the director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos, a leading UK think tank, Jamie is currently involved in projects on crypto-currencies, surveillance and counter-surveillance methods and ISIS’s use of social media for propaganda and recruitment. Previously, Jamie conducted field research in Pakistan and Bangladesh. He is a vocal columnistand commentator. Jamie also writes on technology for the Telegraph and for several other publications on how the internet is changing politics and society.Jamie’s next book ‘Radicals’ explores in the last few years how the world has changed in unexpected ways. The power of radical ideas and groups is growing. What was once considered extreme is now the mainstream. But what is life like on the political fringes? What is the real power of radicals?

What he offers you

Jamie offers knowledge beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabitwhere a vast network of sites, communities and cultures lies; where freedom is pushed to its limits. A world that is as creative and complex as it is dangerous and disturbing.

How he presents

Jamie’s tailored presentations are filled with a wealth of useful information delivered in an engaging and well thought out style guaranteed to inspire audiences.

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