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Jul 26 2017

Daniel Burrus

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Professional Speaker, Bestselling Author & Technology Futurist

Daniel BurrusDaniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and business strategists, and is the author of six books, including the highly acclaimed Technotrends, which has been translated into more than a dozen languages. He is the founder and CEO of Burrus Research, a research and consulting firm that monitors global advancements in science and technology-driven trends. The New York Times has referred to Daniel as one of Americas top three business “gurus” in the highest demand as a speaker.

“Established Industry Expert, Innovative Seminar Leader & Keynote Speaker”

In detail

In 1983, Daniel Burrus became the first and only futurist to accurately identify the twenty technologies that would become the driving forces of business and economic change for decades to come. His interest in research became apparent in his third year of college, when he became one of the first undergraduates in the nation to direct a federal research grant. He has established a worldwide reputation for his exceptional record of predicting the future of technological change and its direct impact on the business world. He has founded and managed five businesses, two of which were national leaders in their first year. He has been the featured subject of a PBS Special, has appeared on programs such as Larry King, CNN, and Bloomberg, and is quoted in a variety of publications.

What he offers you

Daniel Burrus helps audiences better understand how technological, social and business forces are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities. He has helped hundreds of clients identify new opportunities and develop successful competitive strategies based on the creative application of leading-edge technologies, and has delivered more han 2,400 keynote speeches to corporations, associations, and professional organizations worldwide. As a highly successful entrepreneur, he knows how to translate research findings into practical business advantages.

How he presents

In his presentations, Daniel Burrus blends timely and provocative knowledge with just the right amount of humour and motivation. He is a master at tailoring his presentations to his audiences as he addresses relevant trends and offers powerful, practical guidance for turning rapid change into a competitive advantage.

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