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May 15 2017

Doug Allan

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Photographer, Documentary Filmmaker, Diver andAuthor

Doug AllanDoug Allan is a freelance wildlife and documentary cameraman who films both topside and underwater. He has been captivating audiences across the UK with his sell-out tours, sharing his extraordinary filming challenges and successes.

“An Award-Winning Natural History Photographer”

In detail

Doug’s photographic awards include seven Emmys, four BAFTAs and five Wildscreen Pandas. He spent seven years in Antarctica as a research diver, marine biologist, base commander and photographer for the British Antarctic Survey, receiving both the Polar Medal and the Fuchs Medal for his science and support work. In 1984 he changed direction to full time filming.In his 30 year filming career, he’s been involved with more than 65 films, freelancing for the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and others. He was principal cameraman on many prestigious award-winning series includingOperation Iceberg, Frozen Planet, Ocean Giants, Human PlanetandLife, Planet Earth.Doug has twice won the underwater category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

What he offers you

Dough shares with audiences worldwide his experiences while film making and the craft of nature photography. Doug’s legendary expertise in Polar Regions and other extreme environments make him a charismatic guest speaker at educational institutions, corporate events and on expedition cruise trips.

How he presents

Doug customiseshis presentations so they are suitable for any audience of any age. All are lavishly illustrated with slides that he has taken during his travels.

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