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May 01 2017

Xisu Wang

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Expert on Business Opportunities in China

Xisu WangDr Xisu Wang worked with the first western companies to establish businesses in China, including EDS, Unilever and Caradon Electric, which has provided him with rare insights into the new and unique challenges involved in forming Sino-US joint ventures. Now based in Beijing and still consulting to foreign companies doing business in China, Xisu provides insightful commentary on socio-economic and geo-political issues in China.

“Xisu Wang’s views on the socio-economic issues and challenges that the Chinese Government faces in satisfying the demands of their vast and diverse population are both insightful and instructive.”

In detail

He lived his early life under the shadow of the then new Chairman Mao and Communist China. As a young man he realised that China was slowly opening up to the west, he left his position as Associate Professor and Dean of Nanjing University and became the first student from mainland China to complete post graduate studies in America, earning a PhD at Harvard University followed by an MBA at MIT. He returned to China in the late 1980s.

What he offers you

Dr Wang is a personable and knowledgeable individual who speaks with great authority on the evolution and future of China’s place in the world today, from the inside out and the outside in. He provides fascinating insights into working in China and offers organisations invaluable advice and information.

How he presents

With meticulous preparation, Dr Wang leaves no stone unturned in his highly informative and engaging presentations which are essential for any company wishing to expand into China.

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