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Sep 05 2012

Jan Carlzon

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Former President and CEO of the Scandinavian Airlines Group

Jan Carlzon speakerJan Carlzon is a leading authority on achieving excellence through Customer Service. He rapidly turned SAS into a money-maker and customer favourite when he took the helm in 1981 putting the customer first. He was also a pioneer with his radical views on free competition within the European Airline industry.

“Problems are solved on the spot, as soon as they arise.”
Jan Carlzon

In detail

Jan joined Vingresor, one of Europe’s largest tour operators, in 1967 becoming President of the company in 1974. After taking the reins at the loss making Swedish domestic airline, Linjeflyg, in 1978 he returned the company to profit before moving to SAS as President and CEO in 1981. He left SAS in 1993 to become Chairman, CEO and part-owner of Transpool AB, an integrated leisure, travel and airline company. He is also co-founder of a customer-driven telecommunications company – NETnet – which has successfully been introduced throughout Europe. Through Ledstiernan AB, where he is the Chairman and senior partner, he is directly or indirectly involved in more than a dozen new ventures within the IT sector. Jan Carlzon is furthermore part-owner and Chairman of Karl Stockman AB.

What he offers you

A market oriented innovator, he uses his considerable experience as a corporate leader to educate decision makers from all fields concerned about customer service. He explains how he turned around three companies by giving top priority to customer needs. He demonstrates about the importance of strategic leadership, leadership development and service management in customer-driven organisations.

How he presents

Jan Carlzon frequently speaks at leading conferences around the globe and he is highly sought-after by corporations eager to benefit from his expertise in improving company performance through better customer relations.

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