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Nov 17 2009

Don Strickland

Don Strickland – Micro site

Business Visionary and Serial Innovator

Don Strickland speakerDon Strickland is a former Senior Executive at Apple, CEO of PictureWorks and CEO of IPIX. Currently Don is the President and CEO of Strickland Associates and serves as Advising Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London. Don Strickland has successfully built businesses internationally for both large public companies and private start ups. As a CEO he has consistently combined new technologies and business models to reinvent companies and grow stockholder value.

Expect to come away with a unique perspective on innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

In detail

Don Strickland was the visionary behind the world’s first consumer digital camera, which he developed as Kodak’s VP of Digital Imaging and launched into the market after joining Apple. As Apple’s VP of Imaging and Publishing he led the re-architecture of Apple’s computer platform for the publishing market from traditional print media to “new media” including the Internet, music and video. He left Apple to become CEO of Silicon Valley startup, PictureWorks Technology, and was a pioneer of the Web 2.0 business model. He took the company public through a merger with IPIX, and built the market value to US$1.6 billion. He currently advises technology companies on business model innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship and serves as Advising Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London.

What he offers you as a keynote speaker

Don speaks on the key topics facing C-Level management and Boards of large companies. He works with the client beforehand to understand their business challenges, venue and goals. He tunes his presentation to the audience, and allows ample time for follow on Q&A and discussions.

How he presents as a keynote speaker

He adapts to the forum of the client, delivering high added value as a speaker, advisor or moderator. His unique insights into how business really works “from the inside” are fascinating and memorable. He is also part of our Top Leadership speakers.

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