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Sep 05 2014

Prof. Shlomo Benartzi

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Leading Authority on Behavioural Finance

Prof. Shlomo BenartziProf. Shlomo Benartzi is a leading authority on behavioural finance with a special interest in personal finance and participant behavior in defined contribution plans. He is currently co-chair of the Behavioral Decision-Making Group at UCLA Anderson and is also co-founder of the Behavioral Finance Forum, which is a collective of 40 prominent academics and 40 major financial institutions from around the globe.

Jointly recognized by Money as one of 2004’s “Class Acts” for SMarT’s success

In detail

Shlomo Benartzi received his Ph.D. from Cornell University’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. Perhaps his most significant research contribution is the development of Save More Tomorrow™ (SMarT), a behavioural prescription designed to help employees increase their savings rates gradually over time. He has supplemented his academic research with practical experience, serving on the advisory boards of the Alaska State Pension, Fuller and Thaler Asset Management, Guggenheim Partners, Morningstar and the U.S. Department of Labor.

What he offers you

Voted the 4th most influential person in the industry by the 401kWire, Shlomo Benartzi’s high content presentations are ideal for plan sponsors, financial planners, broker dealers, high-net-worth clients, among others curious to learn more about the practical applications of behavioural finance. He applies research findings to actual consumer situations to show how better designed products can lead to satisfied customers and higher profits.

How he presents

Shlomo Benartzi’s presentations are dynamic, entertaining and most importantly, provide real takeaways that will change the way you think. He has the unique talent of taking complicated research findings and turning them into a lively, thought-provoking discussion of investor behaviour.

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Jul 23 2014

Sony Kapoor

Sony Kapoor – Micro site

Macroeconomist and Finance Authority, Director of Re-Define

Sony Kapoor speakerSony Kapoor, Director of international Think Tank Re-Define, is an influential economist, financial sector expert and development practitioner. His career spans investment banking, civil society, academia and policy making across several countries. Sony advises central banks, large investors, European governments, developing economies and multilateral institutions on Economic Strategy and Financial Policy. He also has a multidisciplinary role at the London School of Economics where he is the Strategy Adviser to the Systemic Risk Centre and a Senior Visiting Fellow in Development, Government and Public Policy. Until 2013 Sony was the first chair of the Banking Stakeholder Group at the EBA.

““A prominent expert on international finance and development””

In detail

Sony has been a Visiting Fellow at the European Commission, an Expert Adviser to the European Parliament and a Visiting Scholar at the International Monetary Fund, focusing mostly on crisis management, economic governance & financial sector reform. Sony has also worked for Lehman Brothers in London, ICICI in India and traded derivatives for Aquila Energy in the US. He was also a strategy adviser to the Norwegian government. Sony has been elected a Fellow by the Royal Academy of Arts, a Young European Leader by Europanova, and a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He studied at the LSE, and the Indian Institute of Technology.

What he offers you

As a frequent commentator on the Euro Crisis, development finance, the environment and international governance, Sony shares creative yet pragmatic solutions to the public policy challenges of our times. He employs vivid metaphors to argue that finance needs to be reigned in to bring us back to prosperity.

How he presents

Sony Kapoor’s speaking style coupled with an incisive understanding and enlightened capacity to explain and discuss economic and global issues has contributed to his high popularity and reputation.

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Jun 30 2014

Frank Abagnale

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Author and Anti-Fraud Consultant

Frank AbagnaleFrank Abagnale is one of the world’s foremost authorities on fraud prevention, forgery, embezzlement and secure documents. For over twenty five years he has lectured to and consulted with hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the globe. In addition he lectures extensively at the FBI Academy.

“He kept the audience laughing, crying, amazed and terrified for a total of 60 minutes”

In detail

At age of 16 Frank co-authored the book ’Catch Me If You Can’, which formed the basis for the recently released Hollywood blockbuster of the same name based loosely on his own life story. He has designed programmes used by law enforcement agencies and financial companies world-wide and is an advisor to the Board of Directors of one of America’s leading anti-fraud organisations NuTech Solutions Inc.

What he offers you

Based on his first-hand personal knowledge and experience in exploring methods for altering documents and overcoming security measures Frank helps audiences to evaluate their business procedures, such as secure document featuring, techniques, practices and safeguards useful in combating potential fraud. With numerous case studies he makes his presentations a unique experience drawn from real life.

How he presents

An accomplished and knowledgeable speaker, Frank’s presentations are captivating, stunning and above all else highly enlightening.

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Mar 23 2014

Professor Jagdish Bhagwati

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Prominent Economist and Free Trade Supporter

Jagdish Bhagwati SpeakerJagdish Bhagwati is a world wide noted macro economist and supporter of the free trade. Repeatedly a candidate for the Nobel Prize of Economics he now lectures at the Columbia University in New York. Previously he has served as an external advisor to the Director General of the World Trade Organization and as a policy advisor on globalization to the United Nations. Like no other he defends globalization as a process to wealth creation and social progress and change.

“Economics as a discipline is a very powerful instrument for bringing about social change”
Jagdish Bhagwati

In detail

He has published more than three hundred articles and writes frequently for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times. Several of his scientific writings and two of his public policy essays have been published by MIT press. The recipient of six festschrifts in his honor, he has also received a number of prizes and honorary degrees. He currently serves on the Academic Advisory Board of Human Rights Watch (Asia) and on the board of scholars of the Centre for Civil Society.

What he offers you

An unbowed apologist for free trade Professor Bhagwati provides audiences with his critical view on global economic trends and specifically the impact, dangers and advantages of the new global economy. He offers invaluable insights to decision makers and shows how organisations can successfully take advantage of globalization and in the process trigger social change, create wealth and become global powerhouses.

How he presents

Regarded world-wide as a pre-eminent economic analyst Prof. Bhadwati’s brilliant and detailed presentations are an essential guide for organisations across the world.

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Dec 14 2013

Mariana Mazzucato

Economics, Finance & Innovation Expert

Mariana Mazzucato SpeakerMariana Mazzucato is an economist with an interest in the relationship between innovation and growth, and economic policies that can ensure that economic growth is not only ‘smart’ but also inclusive and sustainable. Her work on finance and innovation argues that financial markets must be reformed to support productive investments and innovation: creative destruction not destructive creation. Mariana is currently R.M. Phillips Professor in Science and Technology Policy at the University of Sussex and Visiting Professor in the Economics of Innovation at the Open University.

“What Europe needs today is not austerity but strategic investments”

In detail

Mariana received her BA from Tufts University in History and International Relations, and a PhD in Economics at the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research in Y. Shewas Scientific Coordinator of a 3 year European Commission funded FP7 project on Finance, Innovation and Growth (FINNOV, 2009-2012), and is working on two new research projects, one funded by the Ford Foundation, and the other by the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

What she offers you

Mariana focuses on theorising the role of the State in the dynamics of economic growth-and uses these insights to influence industrial strategy and growth policy in the UK and abroad. Mariana’s aim is to force people with very different backgrounds and views to bang heads together and come up with solutions.

How she presents

Mariana’s speaking style coupled with an incisive understanding and enlightened capacity to explain and discuss global issues has contributed to herhigh popularity and reputation.

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Nov 09 2013

Prof. Dr. Axel Ockenfels

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Experimental Economist and “Market Designer”

Axel Ockenfels SpeakerProf. Dr. Axel Ockenfels is a highly respected name in economics. He analyses the human behaviour when making economic decisions and the question of which strategic and rational factors influence those decisions. Using the game theory, he has developed a behavioural model to explain and to predict what seems to be a contradictory economic decision making pattern. He also focuses on internet and auction markets.

“One of the most renowned German economists”

In detail

He is currently professor of political economics at the University of Cologne. Ockenfels received his Diploma in economics from the University of Bonn and earned his doctoral degree in economics from the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. Renowned for his research on game theory and experimental economics, he is considered one of most influential German economists and has published in prestigious journals worldwide. His “Theory of Equity, Reciprocity, and Competition” (co-authored with Gary E. Bolton) is one of the most cited papers in economics.

What he offers you

Prof. Ockenfels clarifies the most complex issues affecting today’s global economy. His remarks enlighten audiences about the challenges currently faced and are of great interest for decision makers from all fields of businesses.

How he presents

His innovative presentations make Prof. Ockenfels a highly sought after speaker at prestigious conferences worldwide.

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Sep 30 2013

Willem Buiter

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Professor of London School of Economics and Chief Economist at Citigroup and Global Finance Speaker

Willem Buiter SpeakerWillem Buiter is Chief Economist of Citigroup since 2010. He works as a senior adviser on global economic issues, as well as leading the investment research team in the creation of world-class economic analysis. Professor Buiter holds the Chair in European Political Economy in the European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science. He has held a number of other academic appointments and prestigious positions, including Chief Economist and Special Advisor to the President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and membership on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee.

“An internationally recognised authority on global finance and economic policy”

In detail

Willem is one of Foreign Policy’s 2012 and 2009 Top 100 Global Thinkers. He has won numerous awards and received the CBE (Commander of the British Empire) for his ‘services to economics’. He writes a blog (Willem Buiter’s Maverecon) sponsored by the Financial Times of London and is a regular contributor to Martin Wolf’s FT Economic Forum. He has written six books on international macro-economics and countless articles in the profes¬sional journals and in non-technical publications for a wider public.

What he offers you

Willem Buiter offers audiences extraordinary depth of experience and insight into a broad range of macroeconomic issues, such as break-up risk, sovereign debt restructuring, bank creditor bail-ins, debt mutualisation, austerity and growth in the euro zone.

How he presents

Willem has a wonderful wit and an engaging style which coupled with an incisive understanding and enlightened capacity to explain and discuss global issues has contributed to his high popularity and reputation.

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Aug 30 2013

Kulwant Singh

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Business Strategy Specialist, Economic Forecaster

Kulwant Singh SpeakerProfessor Sing is an accomplished author as well as an excellent communicator. He is internationally renowned for his vast experience in the economics of Asia and the Pacific Rim, and is highly qualified in the area of business strategy.

After receiving a BBA from the National University of Singapore in 1982, Professor Singh began a distinguished military career with the Singapore Armed Forces. He went on to receive an MBA also from the National University of Singapore in 1989, and PhD from the University of Michigan in 1993.

Apart from his distinguished military career, he has also worked for the Singapore Government in the ministry of Community Development (1995-1997). His business qualifications and experience include, amongst others, Deputy Director of the Graduate School of Business and of the Centre for Management Technology at the National University of Singapore, and member of the Governing council of the Singapore Institute of Management.
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Aug 07 2013

Juan Señor

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Leading Business Presenter

Juan Señor SpeakerJuan Señor is one of Europe’s leading business presenters as well as an established independent producer and director. Until recently he was a presenter and senior London correspondent for International Herald Tribune Television. He has field-produced, directed and presented programmes from Egypt, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia.

“A leading business presenter”

In detail

Before that he was a presenter for CNBC Europe in London where he presented Europe Today, Market Watch and the Squawk Box. Mr. Senor has also worked as a presenter for Wall Street Journal TV/EBN. Media Report which he presented at EBN was voted Europe’s Best Business Programme by a poll of viewers in 1998. From 1990 to 1995 Mr. Senor was a foreign affairs and defence reporter for the prestigious American PBS programme: The MacNeil-Lehrer NewsHour. While at the NewsHour his exclusive interviews with Yasser Arafat and the late Yitzhak Rabin received an EMMY nomination. He has also won numerous journalism awards – including prizes by the German Marshall Fund and Georgetown’s Institute of Political Journalism.

What he offers you

Juan’s wide-ranging international experience and informed opinions, combined with his engaging style have made him a sought after speaker, moderator and interviewer. Juan works closely with his clients to ensure that their conferences and meetings will be energizing and informative.

How he presents

Juan is a consummate professional with wide-ranging international experience, informed opinion of globalisation combined with his expertise in interviewing key business and political leaders.

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Jul 19 2013

Prof. Asaf Savaş Akat

Economist, Author

Asaf Savaş Akat SpeakerProf. Dr. Asaf Savaş Akat (1943-Ankara) received his Undergraduate degree in Economics in Istanbul University. He received Masters degree in East Anglia University in England. He became a Professor of Economics in 1980 in Istanbul University. He attended numerous trainings, internships and certificate programs with AFS, AIESEC, OECD and USA scholarships in different countries. He was Rector of Istanbul Bilgi University in 1996-1998. He is currently teaching in the same university.

In detail

Asaf Savaş Akat also assumed important roles in professional life. He acted as Chief Adviser, Board Member and Chairman of many major companies in Turkey.

Akat has numerous articles published in newspapers and journals. He has attended many conferences, panels, TV and radio shows as a speaker.

He was one of the members of the popular economy program Ekodiyalog (Ecodialogs) on NTV channel. He is currently a columnist for daily Vatan newspaper.

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