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Jan 12 2018

Chi Wai Lai

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Paraplegic Rock Climber

Chi Wai LaiChi Wai Lai, was once the world’s No 8 Rock Climber, 4-time winner of the Asian Rock Climbing Championship, and world’s first Chinese winner of X-Game. At the age of 28, Lai met a devastating car accident that rendered him paraplegic in the lower part of his body. Instead of wallowing in misery, he decided he would not allow adversity to stop him from pursuing his dream.

“ The King of Lion Rock”

In detail

In 2016, the 5th anniversary of his terrible accident, strapping himself to his wheelchair, relying on the strength of his upper body and his unbeatable determination and endurance, Chi-Wai strived to climb up the Lion Rock, a symbol of Hong Kong’s spirit – persistence, resilience and unity. And, he did it! He fulfilled the promise he made to himself that he will be back to the peak of Lion Rock in five years. This meaningful and stunning act attracted a vast amount of local and overseas media coverage and swamped many influential social press and online media.Chi-Wai is the author of ‘Climbing over the High Wall of Life’.

What he offers you

During his journey of rehabilitation, Lai started to realize the power of his optimism. He started to see how his personal experience could ignite the hope of others who are at the lowest of ones’ life. Lai began to spread his story through large and small speaking events.

How he presents

Chi-Wai is well-known at delivering an impactful, touching and inspiring story in a light-hearted and captivating way. He likes using a down-to-earth approach with humorous analogies to engage the audience, and always touches the soul of the audience.

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