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Jul 23 2010

Dame Jenny Shipley

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Director of the China Construction Bank

Dame Jenny Shipley speakerDame Jenny Shipley is the former Prime Minister of New Zealand and is currently a director of a number of companies in NZ and offshore. She was a driving force in the successful decade of economic and social reform in NZ and retired from NZ politics in 2002. She was an Initiator of the Education Forum for East Asia, is an active member of the World Women’s Leadership Council and is Vice President of the Club of Madrid, a group of former leaders who promote democracy and transparent economic development, globally.

“A formidable political and business leader”

In detail

Jenny was a Senior Minister in the New Zealand Government in the ‘90’s and Prime Minister from ‘97 to ‘99. She is currently chairman of Genesis Energy, Senior Money International and Mainzeal Construction. She is a Director of China Construction Bank, one of the big four former State owned banks in China. She is also a Director of Momentum and ISI. She is deeply involved in a range of philanthropic projects in NZ and offshore.

What she offers you

Jenny Shipley’s own unique story is inspirational, motivational and full of many valuable lessons derived from her own experience, her observations and rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s finest leaders. Her knowledge of China and relationships with Asia is of the highest level. Her keynote speeches are tailored to each group and encompass values, goals and new horizons.

How she presents

In her presentations Dame Shipley shows her passion for leadership and expanding performance. She is a skilled practiced orator and delivers frank, insightful and powerful addresses to audiences worldwide. She is also part of our Top Women keynote speakers.

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Economic and Social Reform

Relationships between China and Asia

Global Mega Trends

The Geo Political, Economic and Social Dynamics of the Developed and Developing World

The Reality of Emerging Economies

The Opportunities and Challenges for Mature Economies Worldwide

Training and Empowerment Strategies for Senior Women Executives

Mobilising and Motivating Women across the Community, in both Community and Professional Affairs

The Growing Role of Women in Public and Private Leadership

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